Annual conference for members of the British Youth Council, where Members of Youth Parliament (MYP) debate and vote on the priority concerns.

Each year the British Youth Council invite MYPs from across the UK to attend a weekend conference to represent their constituents by debating and voting on priority concerns they have raised. Those top priorities then inform the annual House of Commons debate where MYPs will hold a final vote which will determine the national UKYP manifesto and agenda for the year, raised by their constituents.

Due to Covid this event didn’t run for 3 years which has challenged the MYP roles and their capacity to overcome covid restrictions in order to represent and platform youth voice.

Young people took part in debating concerns of young people, followed by a vote to choose priority issues for further debate later in the year. Young people also took part in workshops, networking and started to develop the national UK Youth Parliament manifesto for next year.

3 elected Members of Youth Parliament from Somerset, Jasmine Fowler, Roxanne Wylie, Joel Fowler and a total of over 190 MYPs from across the UK.

Delegates learned more about their national responsibilities, became more confident, skilled and knowledgeable about the complexities and intersectional nature of issues for young people in the current socio-political climate.

Members of Somerset Youth Parliament were able to strengthen Somerset’s youth voice on a national stage, as well as gaining an understanding of the links between local and national voices.

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November 22, 2023

Paul Mitchell