Domestic violence prevention



Hello, I’m passionate about my campaign. I want young people to have good self-esteem and confidence – feel strong and safe. I also want to raise awareness about the ect violence and abuse can have on young people. I am a strong advocate for youth voice and for making our voices heard. I am an experienced re-elected Member of Youth Parliament, so I am very keen to continue working closely with young people, workers and councillors. I was born in Hungary, I love sports and I like travelling and experiencing new cultures. I hope to make a positive change in the future of young people.


We believe that too many Young People are a ected by crime and are vulnerable in their communities Young People should be engaged with, updated, consulted and included in concerns and developments about local crime, decision and policy makingespecially when this a ects and/ or involves us Youth Parliament believes that violence can link to inequality and oppression (gender, sexuality, culture, lack of education, poverty) and also a ect young people’s health and wellbeing Young people deserve opportunities to learn how to become more resilient, feel empowered and have the right to feel confident, assertive and proud!


Research young people’s awareness about current local crimes and safety issues Explore whether some young people have experienced harassment /abuse more than others (E.g. LGBTQ+, BME, low income, In care) in order to establish a link to vulnerable groups Create and circulate a short report to decision makers on the findings of the research Identify key decision makers and influential allies to gain support for my campaign e.g. Leader of the County Council, Police and Crime Commissioner, Public Health about current issues around Somerset. (such as mental health, domestic violence, knife crime, county lines). Create resources to promote equality, assertiveness, confidence and resilience in young people locally and facilitate in schools To create a resource and promote where to find information about the basics of Self-Defence and awareness around the community. Use social media to raise awareness of issues and promote positive stories about young people over my term of o ice