November 22, 2023

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Elected Members of Somerset Youth Parliament represented local young people on a national stage in the House of Commons.

The British Youth Council (BYC) hold the contract for UK Youth Parliament (UKYP). Local Authorities & organisations across the UK affiliate to the BYC which gives them a mandate to run Youth Parliament elections.

Somerset Council pay an annual membership fee and the group sits within the Engagement and Participation teams remit of supporting and developing young people’s learning/ skills and campaign work.

Members of Youth Parliament, their support worker and group volunteer travelled by train from Somerset to London, attended an assembly within the House of Commons, discussion, debate and voting processes were facilitated by the Leader. MPs attended as quest speakers. Young People were able to represent their local constituents and discuss/ debate current challenges and priorities for young people.

Three members of Somerset Youth Parliament took part, with approximately 280 members of Youth Parliament from across the UK also in attendance on the day.

Voting results have identifies Mental Health, Equality, Education, Child Poverty and climate as the topics which will form the basis for the national UKYP manifesto campaign 2023.

The results will be incorporated into this year annual Make Your Mark ballot and all young people aged 11-18yrs will have the opportunity to vote on their main priorities for local young people. This in turn will inform services about what young people want/need and align with the Children and Young People’s Plan.

Links to supporting documents

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Somerset Elected Members of Youth Parliament discuss priority issues for young people at the House of Commons