Meet the Group

Members of Somerset Youth Parliament and Advisory Group represent you and the area you live in. They will campaign on the issues you care about and amplify your voice on a national scale as part of the national Youth Parliament and its affiliation to the British Youth Council (the BYC).

In Somerset three Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) were elected by their peers, along with three Deputies, in December 2018. MYPs have a two year term of office and they, along with their Deputies and Advisory Group, represent young people across Somerset on issues which are important to you and to them.

Your MYPs

Amelia Saleh, MYP

Campaign: Young People's Representation

Oban Mackie, MYP

Campaign: Environment

What are our campaigns?

Your DMYPs

Joel Fowler, DMYP

Campaign: Young People's Representation

Lara Martin, DMYP

Campaign: Environment

Jasmine Fowler, DMYP

Campaign: Youth Empowerment